Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Organizational Road Blocks

I have been very lazy about doing my research.
I did a lot of work the other day.  I found some newspaper articles about my grandfather that I hadn't read before hiding in a box that I had saved out just for that purpose.  If I were an organized person I would have all of my ancestry info in one place that could be easily accessed and work on it at a certain time during the week.  Wouldn't that make so much more sense than the randomness of how I have been doing it?
Logically, I know that this would make research so much easier.  However, I have these organizational road blocks that don't allow me to keep everything in one location.  I have things in a storage box in the garage, I have one in the storage unit, I have a box with my scrapbook things, I have information at my grandmother's, and another box of information at my mom's!  Far too many places to have information.
I have read all over the internet how to organize my files, what to do and how to do it.  The problem, they don't work for me.  When you don't like to organize and you don't want to take the time to go through everything these plans just plain don't work.
My challenge for the week is to come up with some way for me to be more organized with all of my photos, newspaper articles and family sheets that isn't going to take up so much space and isn't going to feel so overwhelming.


  1. Good luck with your organizing. DO it in little bits so it won't hurt so much. ha

  2. It may sound strange, but I think there is some value to having your files in different places. If something were to happen to one house there would still be some files left! I'm a little late in coming across your blog post so you may have already found a method that works. But I'll still comment! I keep a three ring binder for each of my main branches and file things in sleeves. This keeps it organized and doesn't take up much space on a shelf. I also have an archival box for storing photos and memorabilia. Oh, and I hate to organize, too, so my inspiration is not wanting my research to go to waste because my family can't figure it out! Good luck!