Thursday, November 29, 2012

times slips away

Life has been crazy!  I know we can all say that at various times in our lives.  The holidays seem to make things even crazier.  We travel for Thanksgiving every year and spend a week away.  I get nothing done for that time period.  Here is what I should do:
1.  Keep journals of our family time together
2.  Sort through the tower of photos that I have
3.  Name the people in the tower of photos that I have
4.  Write down as much family history from the people I am with as I possibly can
5.  Read my genealogy magazines
6.  Generate to do lists from those magazines
7.  Make to do lists for my search of family history
8.  Make up a list of questions that need to clarified regarding the family history
9.  Take photos of everyone
10.  Enjoy being with family and being thankful for the many blessings that I have!
How many of those things did I do on vacation?  I'd say 2 of them.  Someday I will have it all together and be able to actually formulate the ideas into some sort of order!
I have the desire.  Just not the motivation!

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