Thursday, April 18, 2013

Minnesota weather

 April 18 in Minnesota!
Normally, I would be talking about some family photo or some research item I am having trouble with.  Today, I am going to share my love for Minnesota weather!  I lived in Texas for 7 years.  You could pretty much count on the weather being pretty much the same every day.  It was very boring.  Everyone that I know is complaining about this winter lasting about forever.  I do get it, but I love a variety and have never been one to need to see the sun everyday.
I don't know of any weather related issues that my family has faced.  My great grandparents were all farmers so I know they had to deal with a lot of adversities with Mother Nature.  Many years with drought, many years with too much rain, I am sure they had to deal with the snow but I don't have any journal entries so far that talk about the harsh Minnesota winter.
Happy research everyone.  This weather just encourages me to dig deeper and find weather related stories!

Today in Weather History

1896: The temperature soared to 90 degrees F in New York City

Last 7 Days

    1979: The Red River in Minnesota and North Dakota reached 20 feet above flood stage
    1849: A severe freeze from Georgia to Texas killed cotton crops
    1884: Tornado in Alabama
    1877: Severe coastal storm, Virginia and North Carolina
    2010: A tornado struck the states of Bihar and West Bengal in eastern India
    2009: Ice out, Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
    1841: New Jersey received two feet of snow
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