Monday, October 1, 2012

Do you have a picture in your collection like this?  I have many.  It says on the back:  too many Coon Rapids kids, can't see the school bus!  Really?  How does this help me identify any of the kids in the photo?  Am I related to any of them?  Should I pass the picture around to the elders of my family and see who might recognize the people in it?
I have some clues:  Coon Rapids and School district 2. 
I will try to identify some of these kids by searching the internet for school district 2 in Coon Rapids and see what I can find out. I should be able to figure out a close date because I know that Coon Rapids District 2 turned into the L. O. Jacob Elementary School.  I know that this picture took place before that change happened.  One of my ancestors graduated from High School in 1927 also went to Coon Rapids District 2 so I have some starting blocks with which to figure out this photo.
I have to be honest.  I was never one to enjoy history.  I hated it in school.  I always thought:  Why do I need to know about these people, they are all dead and I have no interest in these things.  Somewhere along the way I have become interested in the time frames of the past.  Mostly, I want to know about what was happening when my family was alive.  How did they survive the depression?  Did it have any effect on them.  Who had to be drafted?  Who actually fought in any of the wars of their time.  There are so many questions that I probably won't find the answers to.  My quest will continue.

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