Monday, April 15, 2013

Mapping Monday

Ed and Belle Swanson Farm site

Peter and Ida Sorteberg homestead

Allen Sorteberg took over the homestead
Source unknown at this time.  Believed to be written by Leland Sorteberg in the 1980s.
In 1916 Peter Sorteberg married Ida C. Swanson, daughter of John P. Swanson, who had homesteaded a farm about 2 miles away just west of the Great Northern Railroad tracks.  For a short period of time they operated the Sorteberg homestead.  For the next 10 years the Peter Sorteberg family farmed on the 80 acre farm known as the Warren Barney place. This farm was the first place north of the Great Northern, Northern Pacific railroad tracks and on the East side of Hanson Road.
In the late 1920's the Peter Sorteberg family returned to the original homestead.  The house was moved from the original site by Sand Creek to a new location, which is now the site of the Presbyterian Church on Northdale Blvd.  One of the main reasons for this move was to be nearer to the school bus route because Northdale Blvd., (county road A) was the only road suitable for school bus transportation at the time.  New barns were built at the new home site.  Also, another 40 acres was purchased from Andrew Cilley (?) to add to the 320 acre homestead, which gave much needed additional peat land to accommadate the growing holstein dairying operation carried on by the Peter Sorteberg family.
Peter and Ida Sorteberg raised 7 children during this period of time. 
In the early 1950's Peter Sorteberg sold the farm to Orin Thompson & Associates.  Much of the present Thompson Park Development is on the land ownded and farmed by the Sorteberg family.  After the farm was sold a new farm was purchased in Ramsey township.  In 1953 Peter Sorteberg retired and son Allen and his family took over the farming and dairying operation.  Ida Sorteberg expired in 1965.  Peter Sorteberg expired in 1973.
The elementary school located in Thompson Park was originally named the Northdale Elementary school.  In 1970 it was named the Sorteberg Elementary School in recognition of the services rendered by Leland Sorteberg to public education.

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