Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day puzzles

I realize that I am a day late on this post but I was trying desperately to do research yesterday with an internet that is slower than syrup!  I just couldn't get anything done.
My ultimate goal would have been to drive to the National Memorial Cemetery in Minnesota.  It isn't close by and I have not convinced my kids that visiting grave sites is a fun and exciting adventure!  My oldest is convinced that it is scary and creepy.  So I have to keep those adventures to myself for now.
I am on Ancestry.com most every week.  Yesterday I wanted to see what kind of military service I had in my past.  I was fortunate that my brother, father and grandfather's never served in the military.  I will not post the names of the living military members for privacy reasons but I will try to piece together those that have gone.
I do not have anyone that has died in the line of service which I am grateful for.  I cannot imagine the pain of waiting for your soldier to come home only to get word that they will not be.
Here is my puzzle for the day.  I have found an Alfred Sorteberg buried in the National Cemetery in Minnesota.  So many things add up but I cannot find the correct one and I cannot find the link that I have to this man who fought and served our country.  I have a never ending trail that I just can't piece together.  Once again I will have to look and look until I can find the right answers!

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