Thursday, May 2, 2013

publications bring questions-Kleppe vs. Kleppo

Today I have been searching for information in google books.  Just typing in last names and seeing what comes up.  I didn't find a great deal in my initial search but did come up with a question.
The husband of one of my ancestors was listed in a book called Norwegians, Swedes and More book 3 by Loren H. Amundson 2005
It had his family lineage.  My problem is that I have the Ancestors with the last name of Kleppe and in this publication they have it as Kleppo with a family farm in Norway which is the information that I have as well.
How do I figure out when and where the family name was changed. 
I am going to try to find out information from the author but wanted to find a quicker way to determine this information.  I know a lot of names were changed to be more Americanized.  I am not sure if it is just a Norwegian translation issue or if they just changed it when they came over. 
I have the year that they came over from Norway but not the port of origin:  1881 and eventually got themselves to Appleton, Minnesota.
Is there an easy way to find ship transfer information?

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